Compiled Financial Statements NTR: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) has issued a new standard on compilation engagements, Canadian Standard on Related Services (CSRS) 4200, Compilation Engagements. As Clearline’s Tax Manager, Shehzel focuses on tax planning, corporate reorganizations and succession and estate planning. She’s passionate about continuous learning and staying up to date on tax legislation changes and helping clients with succession. In addition to her CPA designation, Shehzel also has a Bachelor of Business Administration and has completed the CPA In-Depth Taxation Program. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and trying out new recipes.

  • Whereas in a Notice to Reader, there is no assurance provided, a review engagement provides a low level of assurance from the CPA.
  • Starting at the end of 2021, we will be required to create a new report on financial statements that we help prepare, but that are not audited or reviewed (compiled financial statements).
  • You may need reviewed or audited financial statements, especially if you intend on selling a larger business.
  • The cost of a review engagement can start from $3,500, and an audit engagement starts from $4,500 based on market rates.
  • These financial statements can highlight the business’ credibility or satisfy a specific requirement.

Michael is a Senior Manager in Private Enterprise, carrying out reviews, compilations, and tax services for small- to medium-sized businesses. With a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in finance and a Diploma in Accounting, backed by over a decade of accounting experience, Michael is a trusted advisor who helps clients’ businesses succeed. Outside of the office, Michael enjoys spending time with family, trying out different restaurants in the city, and building and collecting mechanical keyboards. So, to summarize the above, starting at the end of 2021 financial statements that we prepare on your behalf, which are not audited or reviewed, will have the new Compilation Engagement Report in lieu of the old NTR report.

What Accounting Standard CSRS 4200 Means for Notice to Reader

It is important for small or medium-sized business owners to understand the requirements and implications of the new standards. It is critical to discuss these changes with your accountant and know what to expect when you need a new compilation report. If you need any assistance, the professional team at Source Accounting Professional Corporation (CPA) will be happy to assist and answer your questions. You will see that the new report specifically refers to a note (Note 1) that describes the basis of accounting used to prepare the financial statements. Previously, we published an article that explains the concept of a basis of accounting note and provides an example of one, which you can view here.

Having said that, most businesses would prefer having a CPA issue the Notice to Reader financial statements to provide higher reliability on the financial information. This is a way to ensure that the company is optimizing its taxes since most tax planning strategies require using the company’s financial information. The Notice to Reader (NTR) is the most basic engagement and provides no assurance on the accuracy of your financial statements. Accordingly, very little work is done by the CPA to ensure that the financial statements are a true reflection of the business’s activity.

NTR revenge recommendations

Banks, financial institution, and creditors often require NTR financial statements provided by the accountant to verify and evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of a business before they will provide a loan or credit. Although the NTR financial statement does not provide assurance on the accuracy or completeness of the financial information, it must still be prepared by a CPA, and a bookkeeper cannot prepare it. While no level of assurance is provided, the accounting firm must still comply with professional standards and abide by basic accounting principles. The accountant must apply professional judgment and consider the reasonability of the information provided by the client. To ensure that the users of compiled financial statements are aware of the statement’s limitations, there is always a “Notice to Reader” report attached detailing the limited work performed by the CPA.

When Do You Need Compiled Financial Statements?

This part of the report states that the work was done in accordance with the Canadian Standard on Compilation Engagements and that this standard requires the practitioner to comply with relevant ethical requirements. If you have questions about our financial statement services, please feel welcome togive us a call or send us an email. Well the big thing is, for any small business, their financial statements, prepared by a professional accountant, are the “window” through which potential financiers or even clients can look into your business. They are the starting point for determining what has been happening in this company over the past fiscal year, and what kind of shape it’s in. This is crucial information for not only banks, who may be evaluating your credit worthiness as part of the decision to lend you money, but for any potential purchasers of your business.

How are compiled financials statements different than just exporting statements from your accounting software?

We invite you to contact us directly if you would like specific professional advice regarding any specific business issues. With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources and over 7 years of HR experience in various industries, she ensures all employees have a positive experience at Clearline. Ameeta’s focuses include recruitment, performance management, employee relations, program and policy development, and employee engagement. At Arria CPA, we have experience working with various different bases of accounting, and can help advise you on the appropriate bases of accounting for your business. We are a Professional Chartered Accountants based in Ottawa with the goal of providing the best possible service to our clients from the comfort of their homes. He is the creator of a number of courses dealing with business, tax and investment matters that are designed to make difficult topics easy to understand for everyone.

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The new report highlights some items that the old report did not but still states that the financial statements have been prepared without audit or review. To get a sense of how much Notice to Reader financial statements and accounting services cost your business, it is best to consult your accountant. While this might not be a specific requirement, owners or shareholders often use Notice to Reader financial statements for insight into the business operations. It may be used at board meetings or with other important documents related to the business and its finances. Therefore, as a business owner, you should expect the accountant to ask more questions before issuing the compilation report.

Business owners should discuss with their accountants on whether a Notice to Reader report should still be prepared. As a result, the Notice to Reader financial statements are prepared with a disclosure statement that an audit engagement or a review engagement was not performed, and accordingly, it does not contain an audit opinion or a review conclusion. Notice to reader financial statements are prepared by a licensed external chartered accountant or a CPA. The financial statements cannot be prepared by the in-house accountant or bookkeeper using the company’s accounting systems.

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