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AI System Architecture Diagraming Bot

chatbot architecture diagram

Start with a brief overview of Botpress, what it is used for, and the importance of understanding its architecture. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. In this documentation, we want to discuss the architecture of the integrations in Botpress. That should help you understand better how the integration works, and that should make it easier for you to develop it. Of course, chatbots do not exclusively belong to one category or another, but these categories exist in each chatbot in varying proportions. Finally, contexts are strings that store the context of the object the user is referring to or talking about.

The action execution module can interface with the data sources where the knowledge base is curated and stored. The candidate response generator is doing all the domain-specific calculations to process the user request. It can use different algorithms, call a few external APIs, or even ask a human to help with response generation. All these responses should be correct according to domain-specific logic, it can’t be just tons of random responses.

Therefore, they are unable to indulge in complex conversations with humans. Implement a dialog management system to handle the flow of conversation between the chatbot and the user. This system manages context, maintains conversation history, and determines appropriate responses based on the current state. Tools like Rasa or Microsoft Bot Framework can assist in dialog management. Gather and organize relevant data that will be used to train and enhance your chatbot.

They are useful in applications such as education, information retrieval, business, and e-commerce [4]. They became so popular because there are many advantages of chatbots for users and developers too. Most implementations are platform-independent and instantly available to users without needed installations. Contact to the chatbot is spread through a user’s social graph without leaving the messaging app the chatbot lives in, which provides and guarantees the user’s identity. Moreover, payment services are integrated into the messaging system and can be used safely and reliably and a notification system re-engages inactive users.

chatbot architecture diagram

The core functioning of chatbots entirely depends on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Then, depending upon the requirements, an organization can create a chatbot empowered with Natural Language Processing (NLP) as well. Implement NLP techniques to enable your chatbot to understand and interpret user inputs. This may involve tasks such as intent recognition, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis.

AI Process Decomposition Helper Bot

We will get in touch with you regarding your request within one business day. First of all we have two blocks for the treatment of voice, which only make sense if our chatbot communicates by voice. An NLP engine can also be extended to include feedback mechanism and policy learning for better overall learning of the NLP engine. This blog is almost about 2300+ words long and may take ~9 mins to go through the whole thing. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

  • Therefore, you need to develop a conversational style covering all possible questions your customers may ask.
  • A digital assistant coordinates the search for an appropriate chatbot to support a specific service.
  • AI tools are altering the architectural industry’s planning, production, and building processes.
  • A data lakehouse is a data platform, which merges the best aspects of data warehouses and data lakes into one data management solution.
  • The last phase of building a chatbot is its real-time testing and deployment.

Chatbots help companies by automating various functions to a large extent. Through chatbots, acquiring new leads and communicating with existing clients becomes much more manageable. Chatbots can ask qualifying questions to the users and generate a lead score, thereby helping the sales team decide whether a lead is worth chasing or not.

We’ll be there to answer your questions about generative AI strategies, building a trusted data foundation, and driving ROI. This architecture may be similar to the one for text chatbots, with additional layers to handle speech. They are the predefined actions or intents our chatbot is going to respond. They are usually defined with NLP and have some sort of data validation. In its development, it uses data, interacts with web services and presents repositories to store information.


Businesses save resources, cost, and time by using a chatbot to get more done in less time. Chatbots can help a great deal in customer support by answering the questions instantly, which decreases customer service costs for the organization. Chatbots can also transfer the complex queries to a human executive through chatbot-to-human handover. The information about whether or not your chatbot could match the users’ questions is captured in the data store. NLP helps translate human language into a combination of patterns and text that can be mapped in real-time to find appropriate responses.

chatbot architecture diagram

This bot is equipped with an artificial brain, also known as artificial intelligence. It is trained using machine-learning algorithms and can understand open-ended queries. Not only does it comprehend orders, but it also understands the language. As the bot learns from the interactions it has with users, it continues to improve. The AI chatbot identifies the language, context, and intent, which then reacts accordingly. Based on the usability and context of business operations the architecture involved in building a chatbot changes dramatically.

Consider factors such as the complexity of conversations, integration needs, scalability requirements, and available resources. It’s advisable to consult with experts or experienced developers who can provide guidance and help you make an informed decision. Following are the components of a conversational chatbot architecture despite their use-case, domain, and chatbot type. To generate a response, that chatbot has to understand what the user is trying to say i.e., it has to understand the user’s intent.

Task-based chatbots perform a specific task such as booking a flight or helping somebody. These chatbots are intelligent in the context of asking for information and understanding the user’s input. Restaurant booking bots and FAQ chatbots are examples of Task-based chatbots [34, 35]. Interpersonal chatbots lie in the domain of communication and provide services such as Restaurant booking, Flight booking, and FAQ bots.

The user then knows how to give the commands and extract the desired information. If a user asks something beyond the bot’s capability, it then forwards the query to a human support agent. If your chatbot requires integration with external systems or APIs, develop the necessary interfaces to facilitate data exchange and action execution.

The dialogue manager will update its current state based on this action and the retrieved results to make the next prediction. Once the next_action corresponds to responding to the user, then the ‘message generator’ component takes over. It can be referred from the documentation of rasa-core link that I provided above.

It is problematic if there is a continuous stream of words, which do not necessarily contain breaks between words. For instance, the online solutions offering ready-made chatbots let you deploy a chatbot in less than an hour. With these services, you just have to choose the bot that is closest to your business niche, set up its conversation, and you are good to go. A chatbot is a dedicated software developed to communicate with humans in a natural way.

The disadvantage of this approach is that the responses are entirely predictable, repetitive, and lack the human touch. Also, there is no storage of past responses, which can lead to looping conversations [28]. ‍This flow diagram walks through the process of loading source data, training a generative machine learning model, and using the model to create a synthetic dataset using gretel-synthetics.

Likewise, the bot can learn new information through repeated interactions with the user and calibrate its responses. Artificial intelligence capabilities include a series of functions by which the chatbot is trained to simulate human intelligence. The bot should have the ability to decide what style of converation it will have with the user in order to obtain something. The chatbot can present a few options based on a certain context; this can be used by the user to select and confirm the most appropriate option. A chatbot encounters the same issue, where the user’s utterance is ambiguous and instead of the chatbot going off on one assumed intent, it could ask the user to clarify their input.

AI Strategic Planning Map Creation Bot

They choose the system response based on a fixed predefined set of rules, based on recognizing the lexical form of the input text without creating any new text answers. The knowledge used in the chatbot is humanly hand-coded and is organized and presented with conversational patterns [28]. A more comprehensive rule database allows the chatbot to reply to more types of user input.

chatbot architecture diagram

After clarifying necessary technological concepts, we move on to a chatbot classification based on various criteria, such as the area of knowledge they refer to, the need they serve and others. Furthermore, we present the general architecture of modern chatbots while also mentioning the main platforms for their creation. Our engagement with the subject so far, reassures us of the prospects of chatbots and encourages us to study them in greater extent and depth. Whether it’s for a unique software application or a vast IT network, you have the power to mold the bot’s outputs as you see fit. By providing detailed instructions or feeding the bot with specific criteria, users can ensure that the resultant diagrams are aligned with their project goals and technical standards. In the evolving world of technology, an AI System Architecture Diagraming Agent represents an advanced tool designed to streamline the creation and visualization of system architectures.

Likewise, you can also integrate your chatbot with Facebook Messenger, Skype, any other messaging application, or even with SMS channels. Nonetheless, make sure that your first chatbot should be easy to use for both the customers as well as your staff. Deploy your chatbot on the desired platform, such as a website, messaging platform, or voice-enabled device. Regularly monitor and maintain the chatbot to ensure its smooth functioning and address any issues that may arise. Chatbot architecture plays a vital role in the ease of maintenance and updates.

With disambiguation a bouquet of truly related and contextual options are presented to the user to choose from which is sure to advance the conversation. Digression is a big part of human conversation, along with disambiguation of course. Disambiguation negates to some extent the danger of fallback proliferation where the dialog is not really taken forward.

The weighted connections are then calculated by different iterations through the training data thousands of times, each time improving the weights to make it accurate. A unique pattern must be available in the database to provide a suitable response for each kind of question. Algorithms are used to reduce the number of classifiers and create a more manageable structure. These are client-facing systems such as – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Slack, Google Hangouts, your website or mobile app, etc.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots are integrated with group conversations or shared just like any other contact, while multiple conversations can be carried forward in parallel. Knowledge in the use of one chatbot is easily transferred to the usage of other chatbots, and there are limited data requirements. Communication chatbot architecture diagram reliability, fast and uncomplicated development iterations, lack of version fragmentation, and limited design efforts for the interface are some of the advantages for developers too [5]. With the advent of AI/ML, simple retrieval-based models do not suffice in supporting chatbots for businesses.

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Build generative AI agents with Amazon Bedrock, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kendra, Amazon Lex, and LangChain ….

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Voice ChatBots and Phonebots

Whereas, if you choose to create a chatbot from scratch, then the total time gets even longer. Here’s the usual breakdown of the time spent on completing various development phases. The total time for successful chatbot development and deployment varies according to the procedure. Apart from writing simple messages, you should also create a storyboard and dialogue flow for the bot. This includes designing different variations of a message that impart a similar meaning.

  • At the core is Natural Language Processing (NLP), a field of study within the broader domain of AI that deals with a machine’s ability to understand language, both text and the spoken word like humans.
  • The traffic server also routes the response from internal components back to the front-end systems.
  • — As mentioned above, we want our model to be context aware and look back into the conversational history to predict the next_action.
  • A weather bot will just access an API to get a weather forecast for a given location.

The initial apprehension that people had towards the usability of chatbots has faded away. Chatbots have become more of a necessity now for companies big and small to scale their customer support and automate lead generation. When the chatbot receives a message, it goes through all the patterns until finds a pattern which matches user message. If the match is found, the chatbot uses the corresponding template to generate a response. Typically it requires millions of examples to train a deep learning model to get decent quality of conversation, and still you can’t be totally sure what responses the model will generate.

If you’re a builder, architect, or contractor looking to optimize your site’s possibilities as quickly as possible, then you need TestFit, the real estate feasible tool that simplifies site planning. Initially aimed at creating visual and textual effects, Adobe Firefly is a novel family of creative, generative AI models. The software integrates more precisely, powerfully, swiftly, and easily into existing Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express content creation and editing processes.

This chatbot architecture may be similar to the one for text chatbots, with additional layers to handle speech. These services are present in some chatbots, with the aim of collecting information from external systems, services or databases. Since chatbots rely on information and services exposed by other systems or applications through APIs, this module interacts with those applications or systems via APIs.


The responses get processed by the NLP Engine which also generates the appropriate response. At Maruti Techlabs, our bot development services have helped organizations across industries tap into the power of chatbots by offering customized chatbot solutions to suit their business needs and goals. Get in touch with us by writing to us at , or fill out this form, and our bot development team will get in touch with you to discuss the best way to build your chatbot.

chatbot architecture diagram

It can be helpful to leverage existing chatbot frameworks and libraries to expedite development and leverage pre-built functionalities. Chatbots are becoming increasingly common in today’s digital space, acting as virtual assistants and customer support agents. Recent innovations in AI technology have made chatbots even smarter and more accessible. In this guide, we will explore the basic aspects of chatbot architecture and its importance in building an effective chatbot system. We will also discuss what architecture of chatbot you need to build an AI chatbot, and what preparations you need to make.

Large Language Models (LLMs) are often surprisingly knowledgeable about a wide range of topics but they are limited to only the data they were trained on. This means that clients looking to use LLMs with private or proprietary business information cannot use LLMs ‘out of the box’ to answer questions, generate correspondence, or the like. IBM lets you stay ahead of the curve by helping you build architectures that improve developer productivity and simplify how you manage hybrid cloud–based applications. No matter where you start your architecture journey, we offer the deployable code, learning resources and consulting engagements to see you through to the end.

However, the basic architecture of a conversational interface, understood as a generic block diagram, is not difficult to understand. In conclusion, suffice to say that the holy grail of chatbots is to mimic and align with a natural, human-to-human conversation as much as possible. And to add to this, when designing the conversational flow for a chatbot, we often forget about what elements are part and parcel of true human like conversation. Most chatbot architectures consist of four pillars, these are typically intents, entities, the dialog flow (State Machine), and scripts. This is only relevant if chatbots use the speaker’s identity to generate user-specific responses.

Likewise, you can also integrate your present databases to the chatbot for future data storage purposes. Considering your business requirements and the workload of customer support agents, you can design the conversation of the chatbot. A simple chatbot is just enough to provide immediate assistance to the customers. Therefore, you need to develop a conversational style covering all possible questions your customers may ask. To manage the conversations, chatbots follow a question-answer pattern. Whereas, the recognition of the question and the delivery of an appropriate answer is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For example, the user might say “He needs to order ice cream” and the bot might take the order. If you need help or have questions anywhere along your architecture journey, we can help. Book a meeting with one of our experts in IBM Garage, where we work collaboratively with you to find the right answer for your business needs. The IBM Well-Architected Framework provides recommendations and best practices to help hybrid cloud architects design secure, performant solutions. Quickstart deployment of the Power Virtual Server with VPC landing zone creates VPC services , a Power Virtual Server workspace and interconnects them.

Modern data architectures often leverage cloud platforms to manage and process data. While it can be more costly, its compute scalability enables important data processing tasks to be completed rapidly. The storage scalability also helps to cope with rising data volumes, and to ensure all relevant data is available to improve the quality of training AI applications. NLU enables chatbots to classify users’ intents and generate a response based on training data. As explained above, a chatbot architecture necessarily includes a knowledge base or a response center to fetch appropriate replies. Or, you can also integrate any existing apps or services that include all the information possibly required by your customers.

The most frequent motivation for chatbot users is considered to be productivity, while other motives are entertainment, social factors, and contact with novelty. However, to balance the motivations mentioned above, a chatbot should be built in a way that acts as a tool, a toy, and a friend at the same time [8]. The use of chatbots evolved rapidly in numerous fields in recent years, including Marketing, Supporting Systems, Education, Health Care, Cultural Heritage, and Entertainment. In this paper, we first present a historical overview of the evolution of the international community’s interest in chatbots. Next, we discuss the motivations that drive the use of chatbots, and we clarify chatbots’ usefulness in a variety of areas. Moreover, we highlight the impact of social stereotypes on chatbots design.

With further development of AI and machine learning, somebody may not be capable of understanding whether he talks to a chatbot or a real-life agent. It is a technique to implement natural user interfaces such as a chatbot. NLU aims to extract context and meanings from natural language user inputs, which may be unstructured and respond appropriately according to user intention [32]. More specifically, an intent represents a mapping between what a user says and what action should be taken by the chatbot. Actions correspond to the steps the chatbot will take when specific intents are triggered by user inputs and may have parameters for specifying detailed information about it [28]. Intent detection is typically formulated as sentence classification in which single or multiple intent labels are predicted for each sentence [32].

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